Women in Venture Capital



Gene Teare, Director of Content at CrunchBase, and Ned Desmond, COO of TechCrunch published this comprehensive study on April 19, 2016. This study is the third of CrunchBase's ongoing analysis of women within the startup ecosystem. In March of 2015, Teare and Desmond published a study - 'Female Founders on an Upward Trend' - focused on discovering the true number of female founders. They found that companies with five or more female founders constitute 36% while solo female founders make up 10%.  Following their March study, the duo set out to learn more and discover which Universities produced the highest number of female founders. They published a second piece - 'Harvard, Stanford, and MIT Top the List of Schools for Female Founders' - in August of 2015. 

Quotes & Notes

Teare and Desmond's third article was published on April 19, 2016. This time they looked at two different questions. 

1. How many women are true investing partners at the leading venture and micro-venture firms? 

2. Which venture firms have the strongest track record of supporting startups with at least one female co-founder?


7% of partners at top 100 venture firms are women

38% of the top 100 firms have at least one female partner

22% of roles on investment team at the associate, vice president, and principal levels are held by women

16% of newly launched venture and micro-venture firms had at least one female founder