Unconscious Bias Training?



Quotes & Notes

"Unconscious biases are the subtle instances where we misrecognize and misinterpret behaviors and it causes us to overlook things."
- Catherine Ashcraft, Senior Research Scientist for the National Center for Woman in Information Technology
"We compete in a ultra-competitive technology space, any strategy - even if psychological - that gives us an advantage, is a good one.
- Josh Ashton, Senior Director of People at SendGrid

From a survival point of view, our brain developed a survival mechanism hard-wired into our brains to mentally group things - good or bad -to make sense of the world. This makes it difficult to eliminate these biases but biases are not all hard-wired. Unconscious biases can be caused by conditional learning (1).

There are several known Unconscious Biases that can directly impact you and your company including:

1. Affinity Bias

2. Halo Effect

3. Perception Bias

4. Confirmation Bias

5. Group Think


1. 'The Real Effects of Unconscious Bias in the Workplace' Published in 2015 by Horace McCormick of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School